Investigation finding/activities, impact and actions by priority

Release 4.3.0

Conduct investigations on captured incidents, create recipient groups, send incident notifications, and create an incident via a secure, shareable public form.

Release 4.2.0 - Risk Warden - Compliance Area Tracking

Release 4.2.0

This release improves incident management, assessment type management, and compliance area tracking and allows you to refresh information template answers across all areas with the click of a button.

Release 4.1.0

This release improves assessment compliance tracking using our new assessment compliance scoring.

Resident Portal - Residents Engagement Strategy.

Release 4.0.0

This release elevates Risk Warden to a new level with features like portals, asset tagging, custom fields, incident management, and contractor evaluation, which ensures you can align compliance requirements with the Building Safety Act.

Safety case report example screenshot

Release 3.8.0

This release was developed to enable you to quickly upload and assign actions/tasks to documents.

Safety case report example screenshot

Release 3.7.0

This release was developed to: (1) Enhance and broaden what information can be captured during an assessment, (2) Enhance the app to match the new functionality.

Safety case report example screenshot

Release 3.6.0

Instantly upload photographic evidence to the right place

Safety case report example screenshot

Release 3.5.0

This release was developed to: 1. Allow you to create, manage and share safety case information 2. Allow you to create and manage tasks against documents 3. Improve performance

Document Collection - Compliance Software Tracking

Release 3.2.0

This release was developed to ensure that you can meet the obligations introduced as part of the more stringent regulatory regime including but not limited to the Building Safety Act.

Comprehensive estate management using our property risk and compliance management software

Release 3.3.0

This release was developed to: (1) improve compliance visualisation across your estate, (2) streamline estate access management and assignment, (3) streamline step 2 in the risk assessment process.