• Date: January, 2022
  • Category: Risk Assessment
  • Client: Fire Assessment Services (UK) Limited


Fire Assessment Services (UK) Ltd. (FAS) started with its own bespoke fire risk assessment template, which meant they could add to it when required.

The system initially served their needs but also had limitations and was soon outdated in design and content. With a flawed technical support strategy, it became more and more challenging to update the template.

Over recent years FAS have tried many of the more widely advertised FRA (Fire Risk Assessment) off-the-shelf software packages, each reportedly falling short of the mark and consequently costing FAS more time and money as they sought to fill the gaps. This seemed to be a never-ending problem until now.

"We finally believe we have found a solution that ends our quest. It comes in the form of the Risk Warden, cloud platform and mobile app, thanks to us connecting with co-founder Colin Simpson."
Mr David Christou


The Pro edition of Risk Warden’s digital Risk Assessment Suite is perfectly adapted for teams that want a professional-grade quality assurance workflow for their digital assessments, topped with a branded customer portal.

The top Pro features that align with FAS requirements include:

  • Unlimited digital assessments and audits
  • Assessment scheduling
  • Professional grade validation process/quality assurance
  • Branded customer portal
  • Branded PDF export of assessments
  • The mobile app, which works on and offline and is available on iOS and Android
  • List and floorplan capture modes
  • Unlimited issue and observation captures
  • Pre-set findings/observations, actions and summaries
  • Import from previous question answer with an assessment
  • The quick and easy reassessment process
  • Standard & custom assessment environment templates
  • Standard & custom assessment information templates
  • Standard and custom BI reports & dashboards
  • External assessor collaborations
  • In-app interactive onboarding and walkthroughs
  • In-app ticket responses within 24 hours
  • 99.9% uptime SLA

I have only been dealing with the Risk Warden for less than a month, and I have to say that the support element has been tremendous, and I have yet to spend a solitary pound, let alone 'sign up'.

The Risk Warden team has spent quality time with us during Teams meetings, during which we covered our thoughts and concerns about using the platform. The software has undoubtedly added a host of items that are now helping us to future-proof our FRA template. The system is intuitive for users, reducing the time required for the assessor to input data on-site. It also allows assessors to finish working on an assessment from home or send it to the back-office team to input information on the assessor's behalf.

Risk Warden also explained the power of the Portal, which I have wanted to provide to my clients for years. This is the next step in producing a document that is not just another fire risk assessment; it will be an integral tool to make this a natural and fluid living document.

Knowing that the Risk Warden team includes former fire-fighters, risk assessors and cloud software development specialists, I know that I can rest assured that the system will continue to be updated to reflect future changes in legislation such as the new Fire Safety Act 2021 Regulations. This ensures that we, as a specialist company, can carry out our due diligence, thus differentiating ourselves from those firms unable to produce such a quality document.

I look forward to building upon our already excellent working relationship with Risk Warden as we grow the business in 2022.

Mr David Christou
Owner of Fire Assessment Services (UK) Ltd.

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