Risk Management - Save Time

Risk management can be defined as a process utilised to identify, evaluate, and prioritise risk (defined in ISO 31000 as the effect of uncertainty on objectives); it is a coordinated and economical use of resources to minimise, monitor, and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events (Hubbard, Douglas 2009 ISBN: 9781119198536) or to maximise the realisation of opportunities.

Effective risk management is a typically long-winded and often arduous task, consolidating many reports and a lot of data entry and manipulation. The big question lies in whether the process of Risk Management can become more streamlined without compromising on the health and safety aspects of your organisation, particularly if you are managing multiple estates or facilities across a vast geography.

The Challenge

Are you struggling to juggle multiple priorities? Is much of your valuable time spent putting out fires and collating information and actions from a multitude of sources to derive your own single source of truth? Do you have problems hiring new employees with the expertise you need to get the job done? Are you struggling with constantly changing legislation and regulation, or where to find the appropriate guidance? You are not alone! Need to improve your software? Sure, it would be nice to have, but it’s too expensive and time-consuming to implement.

The Solution

Risk Warden is an all-in-one digital Risk and Compliance Management platform, which works out of the box, yet is fully customisable and can be easily integrated with other data systems via APIs. This cloud-native solution offers multiple efficiencies and time-saving features, including an off-line mobile App for fast and efficient on-site Risk Assessment data input.

Risk Warden can be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world, thanks to its SaaS cloud technology architecture. The Risk Warden platform has been designed by risk and compliance domain experts, clearly evidenced through its comprehensive and highly customisable approach to Risk Management. With excellent in-App training and user guidance, the platform provides efficient interactive support at every stage of the user adoption journey.

Security and reliability are key factors when choosing and implementing a digital Risk Management solution, and Risk Warden delivers a best-of-breed solution for both. With your business growth and new regulation leading to ever-expanding data histories, your organisation has no cause for concern. Risk Warden runs on market-leading AWS cloud technology, meaning that nothing gets lost, data is available on-demand 24/7, and all changes are logged in an immutable, digital audit trail.

Live Risk Management dashboards and reports allow you to track every aspect of risk across your portfolio, for example, tracking your assessment actions through to completion, monitoring your overall risk position and more.

And that’s not all; Risk Warden has a multitude of functional benefits that you simply should not be working without:

Quality Assurance (QA) Process:

  • Completion of your assessments can include an out of the box QA validation process.
  • This functionality enables you to satisfy specific regulations that require your Risk Assessments to be validated to remain compliant, i.e., BAFE

Assessment Scheduling

  • Schedule assessments using the calendar function and assign them to a risk assessor to complete.
  • This can be linked to the assessable area, which means the assigned assessor just clicks a button to create the new assessment. The assessment is automatically populated with the relevant information, making the process more efficient and saving time.

Unlimited Assessor Collaborations:

  • If your estate is spread over large geography or has various risk types, you can easily collaborate with multiple risk assessors from numerous firms.
  • You can simply invite risk assessors that you want to work with, and they will automatically receive an invitation enabling them to register and gain instant access to their own free Risk Warden account.

Everything in the Risk Warden platform links digitally back to an estate component:

  • Whether it’s an action, a task, a document, an assessment, or a hazard within an assessment, everything remains connected and auditable.

Risk Assessment Activation:

  • Corrective actions are automatically converted into actionable tasks and assigned to the right person
  • Every task can be fully tracked, and a full digital audit trail is maintained.
  • Easily reassign tasks and/or collaborate on them with your team and contractors.
  • Capture all necessary evidence straight from the task card.
  • Link back to every part of the process, from initial risk assessment to task

Overall Risk Position:

  • Instantly access a high-level overview of where your company/estate stands from a risk perspective
  • Drill down into your risk overview to understand everything about the location and type of risk in question at a highly granular level.

Custom Reporting and Dashboards:

  • View all Risk and Compliance data across your entire estate or a specific facility in real-time.
  • Drill down reports to identify issues and conduct trend analysis.

Goal Orientated Task Completion

  • Enforce specific information that you want to be captured before task completion including.
    • Before and after images.
    • All information required for sign-off.
    • Relevant compliance documentation that needs to be captured.
    • Relevant risk assessments that need to be completed.

Facilities Management & Field Services Management Collaborations:

  • Risk Warden lets you invite and collaborate with partners, such as specialist contractors, ensuring that all task-related information and documentation are collected, updated, and held in one central location.

Granular Estate Access Rights:

  • Grant restricted access to individuals based upon territory relevance.

In summary, Risk Warden saves you time and enables you to effortlessly maintain Risk Management accuracy and audit-ready across your entire estate. It makes the process of Risk Management faster and easier than ever before,
allowing you to pinpoint red flags and bottlenecks proactively ahead of time.

But don’t just take our word for it; why not see first-hand how Risk Warden can transform your Risk and Compliance Management. See how the platform can improve your assessment processes, optimising data consistency, and unlocking the power of real-time dashboards and on-demand reporting.

Experience how Risk Warden is helping organisations like yours operate more efficiently and remain at the forefront of the UK’s rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Request your 1:1 demo with a member of our sales team or simply sign up today to get immediate hands-on access to the platform and your own free Risk Warden account.